Founded in 2014, based on a deep appreciation for music and the people who create it, Sound Royalties is a specialty finance firm that provides access to cash for songwriters, producers, artists, publishers and distributors.

The company has created a secondary market that fills a long-standing service gap in the industry and gives music professionals access to large pools of money at reasonable and flexible fees. Through non-credit based advances, Sound Royalties provides musicians with needed funds based on future earnings, while allowing these creatives to retain full rights to their works.

Ultimately, the Sound Royalties mission is to help musicians with their personal and professional financing needs. From launching their next creative project to simply paying the bills between royalty checks, Sound Royalties ensures that money never gets in the way of the music.

The company was founded by Alex Heiche, a passionate music advocate with over a decade of experience providing innovative financing strategies to clients in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Who We Serve

  • Songwriters
  • Music Producers
  • Performing Artists
  • Publishers
  • Distributors


Advantages and Differentiators 

Tailored to Music Professionals

  • Custom transactions of $5K-$10M for 1-10 years – Every transaction is customized. We are flexible, ensuring the lowest turndown rates in the industry.
  • Retain your rights – We never buy or own copyrights and do not even get them in default.
  • Non-credit based – We understand how your income works and look beyond credit issues that traditional banks and lenders cannot. We look at the royalty streams, not the individual.
  • Retain pass-through income – If you earn more than projected, you keep it!
  • Fast – Most transactions fund in 5-10 days. 

Unbeatable Service

  • Personal assistance – We treat you like family. Reach your Royalty Specialist 24/7 on their cell.
  • Introductions drive our service – Enjoy referral fees up to $25K.
  • Cross promotion – We are proud of our clients and help promote you and your work. 

Industry Savvy 

  • Advance restructuring – Even if you’re unrecouped, we can help!
  • Locate uncollected money –As a free service we will search and locate any uncollected or undistributed royalties you may be owed. We found over $19M in 2017.

Deep Expertise

  • Founded by creatives, for creatives –CEO Alex Heiche has been providing specialty financing to the entertainment community for over a decade. Our music team features GRAMMY-nominated music professionals who understand the industry and your unique needs.

Tax savvy – We have an in-depth understanding of taxes to help overcome most IRS issues. We can often still fund, even with IRS liens.

Sound Royalties’ Clients

Sound Royalties is proud to have worked with chart-topping artists, industry-leading songwriters and other talented professionals across the music business.

“I am very excited to be teaming up with Sound Royalties to help bring my plans for 2018 to life. Sound Royalties understands the music world and is helping me utilize my past successes to fund and propel new projects and to continue creatively evolving.”

Lil Wayne

“Retaining the rights to my music is extremely important and Sound Royalties was very helpful in creating a deal that did just that.”

– Rich Robinson, The Black Crowes

“Sound Royalties really gave me the freedom to pursue things that I wanted to pursue, because I wanted to pursue them, not because I had to… If more people knew that something like this was possible, they would make better decisions and it would raise the bar for the industry as a whole.”

– Priscilla Renea, Pop and R&B Songwriter 

“With Sound Royalties, the personalized approach and the trust factor really sold me… Songwriters are not always the best business people in the world, but Sound Royalties helped me settle my outstanding debts, while also allowing me to invest in equipment for future projects. Working with Sound Royalties has been awesome.”

Danny Myrick, Country Songwriter