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Sync Summit Tokyo (, taking place at Future Seven from 31 October – 1 November is a business conference focusing the licensing and creation of music for television, film, video games, anime brand campaigns, advertising campaigns, mobile applications, streaming services and the Internet.

Sync Summit Tokyo will bring together top Japanese and International decision makers and music makers to discuss the business and creative aspects of how music is created and used in both in the Japanese domestic market and the international marketplace.

Discussion topics at Sync Summit Tokyo will include:


  • Original music creation for CM (commercials) in Japan.
  • Music Licensing in Japan for TV and Film.
  • Music creation for storytelling, apps and interactive services in Japan.
  • Music licensing and promotion in Japan.
  • What are the real challenges and opportunities for international music in Japanese Media?
  • What are the real challenges and opportunities for Japanese music internationally?
  • A practical breakdown of the Japanese music market.
  • A practical breakdown of the international music market.
  • The legal landscape in Japan and Internationally for licensing.
  • What is the actual job of a music supervisor?
  • What is the actual job of a sync agent?
  • Music localization for international markets
  • Cross-country collaboration and co-writing and co-production
  • A celebration of Japanese women in the music and media industries

And much more, including keynote discussions with top industry executives, exclusive artist showcases, interactive panels, listening sessions and networking receptions on both days.

Confirmed Speakers at Sync Summit Tokyo Include:


  • Dave Jordan, Co-Founder Format Entertainment (Marvel, Mattel, many others)
  • Julianne Jordan, Co-Founder, Format Entertainment (Marvel, Mattel)
  • Tony Scudellari, SVP, Music, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Koki Yamashita, Group Manager, Content Excellence, IMC, Coca-Cola Japan
  • Ken Ohtake, Corporate SVP, IP strategy and Executive Office, Sony Music Group
  • Shinishi Osawa, Composer, Producer Artist – Mondo Grosso, Bird, Soloist
  • Jonny Thompson, Director, International, Nichion
  • Nick Wood, Founder and CEO, Syn Entertainment
  • Atsushi Nakaue, Producer, Dentsu Music and Entertainment
  • Yusuke Nakagawa, President and Founder, Asobisystem
  • Shinichi Yoshida, Executive Vice President/COO, Faith, Inc.

Panelists and Speakers

  • Christian Mix-Linzer, Founder and Music Supervisor, Tracks & Fields
  • Jalen James, Composer, Producer, CEO, World Artists United
  • Michiyo Hata, Musicman
  • Hiroyuki Okano, Executive Producer of A&C Division, Senior Manager of International Department, NIPPON COLUMBIA CO.,LTD.
  • James Matsuki, CEO, Spine Sounds
  • Yu Yoshimura, Sound Producer, Faith, Inc.
  • Jeff Miyahara, Music Producer & Composer J-Pop Producer and CEO, Jpop Group 
  • Stephen Dowler, Brand Manager, Asia Pacific, Monstercat
  • Takayuki Suzuki, President, EnterTech Accelerator , ParadeAll (Japan)
  • Reiko Sogo, Business Affairs, Faith, Inc
  • Kaoruko Hill, Merlin – Head of Member Services & Operations, Japan
  • Lauren Rose Kocher, Founder, Zaiko
  • Rob Schwartz, Asia Editor, Billboard
  • Bryan Hinkley, Executive Producer, Gratitude Sound
  • Yuichi Sakaguchi – Chief Producer, P-Camp/Chairman, Japan Advertising Music Productions Federation
  • Toru Midorikawa – Producer/President, Melody Punch
  • Sona Kim – Producer/President Key note sharp
  • Yusuke Uchiyama – Producer/President, otoco
  • Mark Frieser, Founder and CEO, Sync Summit
  • Tak Furuichi, Director, JMCE/TIMM

And the Presentation of the First Sync Summit Tokyo/Women In Music Japan Lifetime Legend Award to Reiko Yukawa

If you wish to be a part of Sync Summit Tokyo, Click here to Register at the Discount Rate of ¥35,000 (¥15,000 off)