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Following are a list of Sync Summit Tokyo Confirmed Speakers – Please click a name for their bio and more info (this list will be updated daily):

以下はSYNC SUMMIT TOKYOにて講演が確定している登壇者一覧です。各登壇者の名前をクリックすると詳細と経歴をご覧頂けます。

Keynote Speakers:


  • Dave Jordan, Co-Founder Format Entertainment (Marvel, Mattel, many others)
  • Julianne Jordan, Co-Founder, Format Entertainment (Marvel, Mattel)
  • Tony Scudellari, SVP, Music, Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Koki Yamashita, Group Manager, Content Excellence, IMC, Coca-Cola Japan
  • Ken Ohtake, Corporate SVP, IP strategy and Executive Office, Sony Music Group
  • Shinishi Osawa, Composer, Producer Artist – Mondo Grosso, Bird, Soloist
  • Jonny Thompson, Director, International, Nichion
  • Nick Wood, Founder and CEO, Syn Entertainment
  • Atsushi Nakaue, Producer, Dentsu Music and Entertainment
  • Yusuke Nakagawa, President and Founder, Asobisystem
  • Shinichi Yoshida, Executive Vice President/COO, Faith, Inc.

Panelists and Moderators:


    • Christian Mix-Linzer, Founder and Music Supervisor, Tracks & Fields
    • Jalen James, Composer, Producer, CEO, World Artists United
    • Michiyo Hata, Musicman
    • James Matsuki, CEO, Spine Sounds
    • Jeff Miyahara, Music Producer & Composer J-Pop Producer and CEO< Jpop Group 
    • Stephen Dowler, Brand Manager, Asia Pacific, Monstercat
    • Takayuki Suzuki, President, EnterTech Accelerator , ParadeAll (Japan)
    • Reiko Sogo, Event Solution Business Unit, Faith, Inc.
    • James Matsuki, CEO, Spine Sounds
    • Kaoruko Hill, Merlin – Head of Member Services & Operations, Japan
    • Lauren Rose Kocher, Founder, Zaiko
    • Rob Schwartz, Asia Editor, Billboard
    • Bryan Hinkley, Executive Producer, Gratitude Sound
    • Yuichi Sakaguchi – Chief Producer, P-Camp/Chairman, Japan Advertising Music Productions Federation
    • Toru Midorikawa – Producer/President, Melody Punch
    • Sona Kim – Producer/President Key note sharp
    • Yusuke Uchiyama – Producer/President, otoco
    • Mark Frieser, Founder and CEO, Sync Summit
    • Tak Furuichi, Director, JMCE/TIMM

    And the Presentation of the First Sync Summit Tokyo/Women In Music Japan Lifetime Legend Award to Reiko Yukawa