Sync Music Listening Sessions get your music heard and get essential feedback from top music supervisors in TV, film, video games, ads, trailers, brands, apps and the internet.  Here’s how it works.

  1.  Every week, we hold a two-hour online listening session with a top music supervisor that’s strictly limited to twenty registrants. We do this to make sure all participants get heard, get to interact and get their music evaluated.
  2. Every participant will submit a song for evaluation to us for listening during the session by the guest music supervisor.
  3. Every participant will get a video archive of the session, and all Listening Session playlists will be posted on the SyncSummit website and promoted to our 40,000 person mailing list.

Every Sync Music Listening Session get your music directly into the ears of a music supervisor who’ll get you valuable feedback – and you’ll make a valuable new connection.

And though we cannot guarantee your music will be used in a project, getting the advice from and connection to key decision makers will give you the invaluable feedback you can use to fine-tune your approach to music supervisors and their projects.

The Sync Music Listening Sessions are a premium product with a strictly limited audience and in order to support our costs and the time, effort and energy of our guests, they are priced at $150 per session.  This includes participation in the session, evaluation of your music, inclusion in the session playlist and promotion after the event.




Ricki’s actively seeking hip hop and rock vocals – with vocal themes on winning, a comeback, being the best, etc. & nstrumental music with cool world sound integrations — think hip hop and Punjabi.

On April 27, 2019, from 10 AM – Noon Pacific/1 PM – 3 PM Eastern, Vice Media‘s Vice President of Music Services and Licensing, Ricki Askin for what promises to be a fantastic Supervisor Listening Session.

Ricki is a seasoned Music Executive with a strong music supervision and licensing background and extensive management experience and versatility in both established and start-up environments, cross-platform and manages a portfolio of leadership roles within the Vice ecosystem most recently include running VICE Records and the creation and expansion of Vice Music Publishing. Visit her imdb for a full list of credits and examples of her work.



Eryk Rich


Eryk is currently seeking a few different types of music.

  • First of which being organic upbeat, fun, left of center instrumentals to drive a campaign across the finish line with energy and fun.
    • Examples of this are NoMbe/Thutmose “Run Wild”, Cage the Elephant “Mess Around” and NVDES “The Other Side”.
  • Second is something organic, somewhat sparse, emotional, ethereal, anthemic with a modern esque feel.
    • Examples of this are Efterklang “Modern Drift”, Sigur Rós “Untitled #3 – Samskeyti, Explosions in the Sky “So Long, Lonesome”.
  • Third is something energetic, driving and badass to really ramp up the energy of the visual of the campaign. This song needs to have multiple sections to cut/edit to.
    • Examples are Kanye West “Black Skinhead”, Jaden Smith “Watch Me”, Billie Eilish “you should see me in a crown” and Big Data/Jamie Lidell “Monster”.

Eryk helped launch and build what is known today as Deutsch Music. He oversees all music initiatives for all Deutsch LA clients such as Target, VW, Taco Bell, Zillow, Hulu, Dr Pepper, Snapple, Canada Dry, Patagonia, Nintendo and many more.

In over 5 years at the agency, Eryk has worked with some of music’s biggest artists such as Bruno Mars, Sia, Adele, Meghan Trainor, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Joe Cocker, Sam Smith, Bob Dylan, ELO, Dean Martin, and many more.

The Sync Music Listening Sessions connect and your music to a top music supervisor who will listen to your music, give you invaluable feedback and connect with you on a personal level.

The Sync Music Listening Sessions are strictly limited to 20 participants, so every single person gets one song of their music listened to, evaluated and shared with the people working on some of the top projects in TV, film, video games, trailers apps, ads, brands, and the Internet.

You’ll be able to ask questions, and all playlists from the songs played in the session are archived and shared on the Sync Summit Listening Sessions website.