Sync Summit Blog Articles

May 6, 2024: This Shit’s Bananas

April 8, 2024: The Latin Music Supervision Association Launches

February 11, 2024: 24 Steps for Sync Success: A Checklist for Preparing and Presenting Your Music

December 31, 2023: Plans Are Useless But Planning is Everything

January 2, 2023: Ten Sync Resolutions For 2023 And Beyond

December 17, 2022: What Are One Stop and Easy Clear Songs And Why Are They Important?

Brand-Affiliated Music Apps and the Future of Subscription Streaming Services

Introducing Pibox:  A Great New Music Collaboration and Production Solution

Guest post: Sound Royalties – Changing the Way Music is Financed

GUEST POST: First Register – Music Copyright Basics for Independent Musicians

Do You Need A Sync Agent?

The Secrets of Sync Success: #1 How to Present Your Music

As heard on TV: Commercials and Music by the Numbers

CYA with E&O (Cover your A** with Errors and Omissions Insurance)

Resolve to get Synced in 2018 – 10 Sync resolutions

Commercial Hits: Music that went from ads to the charts

The Importance of  Good Production and Mastering in Sync

Pay to Play? No Way!

Saluting David Bowie – A Life In Sound and Vision

Cover For Me:  How Covering Popular Songs Can Get You More Syncs

The Shazam Effect: How music’s most important technology turns discovery into audience and sales.

What’s a One-Stop and why is it important to you?

How to Pitch Music and Influence Supervisors

QA with Sally House (Hit House)

SyncDeals IV.  Buyouts and Works For Hire. A Guide.

Sync In India + Guest Post by Larry LeBlanc: Interview with Mandar Thakur, COO, Times Music

Guest Post by Wallace Collins, Esq.:  What’s The Score With Sync Rights?

Sync The Funk Up: QA with Lead Bride Of Funkenstein, Dawn Silva

SyncDeals Vol. III: Much Ado About Retitling

QA With Chris Tams, Dir. Independent Member Services and International, British Recorded Music Industry Limited

SyncDeals, Vol II – The Master Split

Mail Etiquette for Sync Success

QA with McDonald’s former Creative Director, Diane Andreoni

SyncDeals, Vol. I – Syncola and upfront fees

QA With Brazilian Artist Marcelo Guima

Profiles in Placement: 5+1 Questions with Music Supervisor, Jeff “Pesci” Gray

Metadata: A Primer

A Brand New Day: How Artist/Brand Tie-Ins Build Audience and Revenue

Top Tips For Getting Your Music Placed

QA With Constantin Film’s Music Man QA Christoph Becker

A Conversation with 411 Music’s Kristen Agee and Eric Vasquez of 411 Music Group

Meet the Musicians: The UK’s Unsung Lilly’s cofounders Sera Golding and Frankie Young 

Interview with Sons Of Anarchy Creator Kurt Sutter and Music Producer Bob Thiele, Jr.