By Mark Frieser
CEO, Sync Summit

The creation and production of music for media projects – and in general – can get quickly get complicated.  I know this from first-hand experience.

To get a piece of music made for a project, I’ve found myself dealing with managing multiple external and internal creative teams, including composers, producers, artists, engineers, and of course clients, many of them across distances, time zones and with their own methods of communication (email, IM and phone all at once), sometimes in different languages.

And, it’s cumbersome to go back and forth with files and links, in different formats, usually using several cloud-based services at once.

It seems that much of the time, I spend more time on the project management aspect of creating music for projects than working on what we actually need and want to do, which is to make great music.

The fact is, managing these multiple teams, formats and methods takes at least as much time as actual music creation. Even more important, these complications quickly become inefficiencies that hamper creativity and can grind projects to a halt, causing delays and cost overruns.

The typical music production collaboration process is inefficient, it wastes time, it wastes money and it’s incredibly frustrating when all you really want to do is create and deliver great music on time and on budget.

Enter Pibox: The Comprehensive Music Collaboration Solution

Pibox ( is a cloud-based service that’s designed by musicians and technologists and used by companies like Universal Production Music and Epidemic Sound to make collaboration easy, organized and simple.

  • Pibox allows you to simply set up collaborative areas and files for multiple teams and projects that are easily accessible, with permissions and invitations that you can customize for each project and person. 

    Pibox dashboard.

    Pibox features a simple-to-use and understand interface that allows you to easily make, locate and interact with multiple teams on multiple projects.

  • What’s more, once you’ve set up your project, you can simply drag and drop in various project elements and files, which instantly, securely stored in the cloud and made accessible to every person on a project. And Once you click on a file, for an then listen, view comment history and add comments of your own, which can be general or specific to a portion of a song.

    This is the view of an individual piece of music with notations that are shared instantaneously with team members.

  • Then, once the files are uploaded, each member of a project is notified of an edit or comment and then can comment on and upload new edits, revisions and versions, with all team members receiving instant updates via email or text.

    And you can send individual clips and messages immediately to one team member, several or all, internally and externally.

And that’s just scratching the surface of what Pibox can do to make your music project production and collaboration better. Try it out for yourself now!

Pibox just makes your collaboration and music production better.  It lets you concentrate on making great music –  it’s already being used by major companies like Universal Production Music and Epidemic Sound to help their teams to collaborate better, producer better and make better music.

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You’ll be glad you did.