Jerry Davis is a 35-year veteran of the music industry who served most recently as the head of music at FOX Sports for over 16 years. Jerry began his music career in college radio at the University of California, Berkeley but quickly advanced to serve as an independent publisher at Famous Music, marketing representative at Capitol Records, membership representative at ASCAP, and a founder of Poetic Groove / Virgin Music / Interscope Records before his lengthy tenure at FOX Sports. Jerry is considered one of the rare authorities on the niche genre of sports music. Few people understand the nuances of how to weave sports and music together to create dynamite sports productions like Jerry Davis. Beyond sports music, Jerry brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and relationships to whatever endeavor he chooses to engage.

While at FOX Sports, Jerry established the music department as an extension of the marketing and promotional wing of numerous record labels. Through this collaboration, many A-list, mainstream artists secured high-profile music placements in FOX Sports productions and events. These music placements include the Super Bowl, World Series, and All Star Game. Additionally, under Jerry’s leadership, many emerging artists were embraced by the music department. One of Jerry’s unique and impressive successes at Fox Sports was to envision and spearhead the development of a 168-volume collection of extremely high-quality music specially designed for sports that FOX Sports would also own. This visionary sports music library is called FOX Trax and has been a lucrative investment for Fox Sports generating significant revenues over the past 17 years.


Currently, along with serving as the Chief Strategy Officer at Epic Music LA, Jerry lectures at local universities (UCLA, USC, Long Beach State, Mt. Saint Mary’s College), music conservatories, and non-profit organizations promoting music education, philanthropy, and motivational speaking. Jerry Davis and Epic Music LA are well-known leaders in the niche of sports music, have become industry unique music resources in the sports space, and continue to influence and shape trends for how music is used in sports productions.