The Tokyo 2020 Olympiad is not only an opportunity for Japan to showcase its country and culture to the world, it’s also a singular opportunity for the Japanese music industry – the world’s second biggest – to showcase its music and do business with the rest of the world.

And, it’s also an opportunity for international musicians and companies to connect their music to projects in Japan, and to find the partners and resources necessary to successfully do business in Japan.

That’s why Sync Summit is curating a special event just before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to discuss the ways and means music is being composed and licensed for use in the Olympics and sports in general by brands, teams, ad firms and broadcast media across the world.

Tokyo 2020 is a focused one-day event of networking, showcases, case studies all designed to connect music companies, composers and artists to learn, network and do business. The event will take place at Future Seven in Aoyama, Tokyo.

Until March  2nd, we are selling tickets to this event for the introductory rate of ¥20,000 – which is a ¥15,000 discount on the standard ¥35,000 rate. To be a part of this event and take advantage of this introductory rate, simply register using the form below.