Bo has been tasked with helping relevant and rising artists across all genres understand the value of Songtradr’s powerful platform. Songtradr presents an exciting non-exclusive music licensing opportunity for any independent artist hoping to get their music into TV & Film.

As a strategic consultant and the Director of A&R, he is excited for the opportunity to focus on all aspects of the company’s growth; specifically he works with the content, business development, marketing, and technology teams to understand the growth of the company and to take the product and user experience to a whole new level, with the ultimate goal of continually helping as many artists as possible gain exposure and make money by licensing their recordings for film and TV “sync” placements.

I make a point to attend as many concerts, music conferences, festivals, industry events, and recording sessions as humanly possible! If you or anyone you know is an independent recording artist who is not sure where to turn after recording a high quality record, please reach out!