Music from the April 7, 2018 Listening Session with Nora Felder (Click a link to access the playlist):

Music Posted on Songtradr

Angela Sheik – Bring It On

Angela Sheik – Drive Until I find the Sun

Antriksh Bali – Bananas

Antriksh Bali – Morning Practice

Music Posted on Dropbox

Andrew Kaiser – Birthright

Andrew Kaiser – Makin’ Waves

Craig Raymo – Moment Acoustic

Craig Raymo – Take it Slow (gotta say hey)

Ed Grenda/Les Sampou – Bump in the night

Ed Grenda/Loes Sampou – The Kill

Fire Tiger – Energy

Fire Tiger – Be Bygones

FM Cossey – Buckle Up, Baby

FM Cossey – Don’t You Forget

Gail Vareilles/RIVVRS – Carry Me Home

Gail Vareilles/RIVVRS – Surrender

Jacob Golden – Horse

Jacob  Golden – Wild Faye

Jacquelyn Ryal – Silver and Gold

Jacquelyn Ryal – Trees

Lena Natalia – Love’s Steps

Lena Natalia – spiderweb

Neon Nomad – Superhighway

Neon Nomad – Rising

Meresha – Enter the Dreamland

Meresha – My Love has Come

Monte Mader – Little More Love

Monte Mader – Rebel Child

Ori Dagan – Nathaniel – a tribute to Nat King Cole

Pendose – Make You Love Me (VAVANI)

Talese Haddock – Consequences (VAVANI)

Richard Belgard – Eyes Like Diamonds

Richard Belgard – Shine