Music from the April 14, 2018 Listening Session with Chris Mollere:

Via Songtradr

Angela Sheik – The Hazards of Being Young and Beautiful (Performed by The Recess)

Angela Sheik – Heart Blazing (Performed by Angela Sheik)

Angela Sheik – When the Sky Tips Upside Down (Performed by Angela Sheik)

Megan Louise Doyle – Given Signs (Performed by Tess Roby) 

Jared Jones – Come Get Me (Performed by Jared Jones)

Kasey Jones – Oh My Oh My (Performed by Art and Music)

Kasey Jones – Home (Without Vox) (Performed by Art and Music)

Ronda Reyes – Where is My Heart (Performed by Ronda Reyes)

Via Dropbox

Anna Aarons – What a Perfect Day (Performed by Anna Aarons)

Briget Boyle – Keep It Simple (Performed by Briget Boyle)

Comfort The Killer – I’m Down (Performed by Comfort The Killer)

The Dark I Dare – War (Performed by The Dark I Dare)

Dunn Logan – This Morning (Performed by Dunn Logan)

Ed Grenga and Les Sampou – The Never Tell (Performed by Ed Grenga/Les Sampou)

Gail Vareilles – Carry Me Home (Performed by Gail Vareilles)

Les Sampou and Andre Lund – Death Roulette (Performed by Andre Lund/Les Sampou)

Penrose – Make Me Want You (Performed by Penrose)

RIVVRS – Surrender (performed by RIVVRS)

Luke Potter – Low (Performed by Luke Potter)

Luke Potter – What if I (Performed by Luke Potter)

Robbie Hancock – Taken by Your Shine (Performed by Robbie Hancock)

Sonora Sideshow – A Place in Time (Performed by Sonora Sideshow)

Sonora Sideshow – Noir (Performed by Sonora Sideshow)

Tejas – Make it Happen (Performed by Tejas)