The Excellence in Music and Sports Awards will bring together all the people that bring music and sports together – artists, athletes, agents, owners, producers, music supervisors, TV producers, film directors, sports sponsoring brands, venue managers, and ad agencies with a mission to highlight the best usage of music in sports content, to recognize and reward the top campaigns and shine a spotlight on the unique partnerships between music, sports and brands.

The Awards are comprised of eight categories designed to acknowledge people who work to loom sports, brands, music together to engage, empower fans and enrich musicians, athletes, brands and all of those in the sports and music business.

The first round of nominations is open to all and is free to enter.

To make a nomination, click here

After the first round of nominations, the voting on all those nominated will take place from November 1st – December 1st.  Voting in the second round is open to everyone and 100% free.

Voting officially ends on December 2, 2017 with all awards presented and announced at the Excellence in Music and Sports Awards ceremony on December 5, 2017.

If you want to nominate someone, please go to this page (it’s free to enter).

Those who wish to attend only the awards, you may purchase a ticket here for the fee of $100 (includes reception and ceremony.

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