Sync Summit Tokyo, taking place at Future Seven on 31 October – 1 November is the marketplace where the Japanese music industry and international media executives will gather to make deals and do business.

The event is designed to connect Japanese and global music supervisors, brand managers, executives, sync agencies, production houses and licensors in sports, TV, film, brands, anime, games, advertising and mobile with musicians, producers, executives, labels, publishers, management companies to learn, network, exchange ideas and form new partnerships buy, sell – and have fun.

With the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics next year, the world’s eyes and ears are on Japan, the world’s second largest music market.  By attending Sync Summit Tokyo, you’ll be a part of a unique group who are shaping the future of licensing, brand partnerships, production, composition and usage of music from Japan and the world.

Sync Summit Tokyo will feature: 

  • Showcases of Japanese artists, 
  • Music listening sessions, 
  • Networking receptions and parties, 
  • Keynotes and panels from both Japanese and international speakers, artists and attendees.  

Topics of conversation at the event will include:

  • Conversations on the structure of the Japanese music industry.
  • International sync and licensing deal structures.
  • A focus on Japanese music supervisors.
  • A focus on music for animation.
  • What kinds of music from Japan really resonate with international music supervisors and their projects.
  • A focus on composition for media.
  • A focus on women in the Japanese music industry (in collaboration with Women In Music)
  • Creative collaboration between artists and producers in Japan and the rest of the world.

And conversions will focus on music for ads, TV, film, games and interactive platforms.

We’ll also focus on sports and music, including the potential opportunity for Japanese music to be used in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic programming and by sponsors in ad campaigns, and in general, how the Japanese music industry can connect its music internationally, and how you can connect your music to Japanese projects.

It’s going to be a great event for anyone looking to do business in Japan – and from Japan looking to do business with the world. I hope you’ll join us. Click the links below for more info on the event and how to register.

Register now for ¥35,000 ($317 US) and save ¥15,000 ($135 US) on the standard rate

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Not able to attend in person?  Then join the live stream and get access to the video archives of the event for the rate of ¥12,000 ($108 USD)

What do you get when you attend Sync Summit Tokyo?

By attending SyncSummit Tokyo 2019 on October 31 – 1 November, 2019, you’ll get unprecedented access to the information and the contacts you need to succeed in syncing and scoring your music.  These benefits include:

Real interaction with and access to keynotes and panelists.

As an attendee of SyncSummit Tokyo, you’ll be able to network with speakers before, during and after the event – both in the daytime and at the nighttime receptions and showcases.

Workshops and Listening Sessions that give you practical information and resources to get your music placed.  

These are conversations between attendees and speakers limited to 50 people where you can discuss important market issues in detail – like how to get a song placed or how to prepare your music for submission to an ad agency.

Before the event, we work with you to set up meetings on your behalf.  

We personally connect you to the speakers and other attendees before the event so that you can network and set up meetings to discuss working together.

During the event, we connect you with the people who can help you get your music placed.  

This means that we’ll connect you with both music supervisors, brands, ad agencies and more important, the publishers, labels, managers, sync agencies and representatives that music buyers trust and work to get music for their projects.  No other event out there does this.

After the event, a list of every attendee and speaker, including their contact details.  

After SyncSummit Tokyo, we distribute to every attendee a list that includes the email contacts of every single attendee and speaker so that you can follow up to the conversations you’ve had at the event.    

Register Now, save ¥15,000 ($135 US)

Simply put, if you want to get your music connected to brands, ad firms, music supervisors and the projects they work on, SyncSummit Tokyo is a must-attend event.