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All sessions take place in a “Talk Show” Q&A format encouraging a dialog between attendees and speakers.

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Do you have a breakthrough business, a great technology, service or some compelling experiences in the Sync Market? Then you’ve come to the right place because we’d like to consider you to speak at Sync Summit Hollywood.

Right now, we’re actively seeking moderators to lead panel discussions , keynotes from high-level industry leaders, panelists from across the licensing value chain or technology and service providers (sponsored or non-sponsored):

  • Music Supervision (TV, Film, games, digital)
  • Music Aggregation
  • Music Publishing
  • Data, Metrics, Analytics
  • Viral Marketing and Social Media
  • Music Management
  • The Press and Bloggers
  • Podcasts, Viral Video and Audio
  • Ad Agency Creatives
  • Digital Advertising and Sponsorship
  • Platforms and Devices
  • Mixed Media Campaigns
  • Musical Artists
  • Legal, PROs,
  • Transactional Enablers
  • Enabling Technologies and Services

Whether you buy, sell or make music – or enable or write about the licensing market, we would be delighted for you to contact us to be considered for a speaking spot.

Please send an email to info@syncsummit.com briefly describing you, your company and proposed topic and we’ll get back to you shortly.