Confirmed Speakers As Of December 19, 2023 (Many More To be announced) - Click A Name For Bio/More Info

    AM Licensing Director
    Farquhar Productions SVP
    72 And Sunny Sr. Manager, Partnerships and Legal
    Sullystone Music Composer/Producer
    Brianna Cash Music Founder/Music Supervisor
    Whyte Room Music Supervision Music Supervisor
    72 And Sunny Director, Partnerships and Legal
    Fusion Music Founder + Music Supervisor
    Sound Mind Music Founder/Music Supervisor/Composer
    Eki Shola Artist
    Go! Music President/Music Supervisor
    Nuell Entertainment Founder/Music Supervisor
    One Drop Sync/KCRW Founder-Music Supervisor/DJ
    GreenbergTraurig Shareholder
    Rat Dance Party Founder/Music Supervisor
    Metavate Co-Founder
    Silent Partners
    Music Supervisor
    Synchtank Founder and President
    • Jordan Passman
    Score A Score Founder and CEO
    Bark At Your Owner Music Supervisor
    Disco Head Of Sales
    Music Supervisor
    SyncLodge Founder and CEO
    Trends Brasil Conference Founder/Organiser
    Pop-Up Music Managing Director
    Mypart Founder And CEO
    Sweeter Songs
    Shelly Bay Music Founder
    Mick Lloyd Productions Founder
    Mike Turner Media Founder/Music Supervisor
    InDigi Music President
    OML Sync Owner
    Songtradr Founder + CEO
    LoveCat Music  President
    Push Music Creative Director
    Frisson Sync CEO/Founder
    Star Vibe Group CCO, 
    Scharf Entertainment President
    Venus Leone Audio Engineer
    Law Offices Of Wallace Collins Of Counsel
    Truly Music Sync Owner
    Sync Summit/Disconic