Sync Summit LA 2019 Speakers


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Keynote/One on One


  • David Ari Leon, Music Supervisor, Sound Mind Music

  • Jessica Gramugila, Music Supervisor Awkwardly Naked

  • Sinead Hartmann, VP, US, BMG Production Music 

  • Billy Sullivan, Composer and Founder, Sullystone Music

  • David Fredrick, Composer, df Music Group

  • Katy Davidson, Music Supervisor and Producer, Marmoset

  • Sindee Levin, Esq., Entertainment lawyer and licensing specialist

  • Wendy Griffiths, Founder, Truly Music

  • Seth A. Schachner, Managing Director, Strat Americas

  • Mark Bamford, Founder ViKTRS

  • Shane Roberts, Amper Music, Inc.

  • Jeremy Holley, Founding Partner, FlyteVu 

  • Mara Kuge, President and Founder, Superior Music Corporation

  • Daryl Berg, VP, Music Strategies and Licensing, Crown Media Family Networks

  • Sherry Orson, Chief Creative Officer, Star Vibe Group

  • Kayla Monetta, Manager, Creative Sync Licensing, Greater Goods Co.

  • Andrew Robbins, Founder, House of Robbins Music Group

  • Emoni Matthews, head of Music Supervision and Creative Licensing, House Music Group

  • Jabari Ali, Music Supervisor, Paragon Film Music

  • Pei Pei Chung, Composer, Pei Pei Music

  • Reuben Sears, SVP, Trailers and Promos, SILO Music

  • Charisse Presley, Manager, Licensing, Film, Trailers, New Media, Corporate and Video Games, 411 Music

  • Denis Dubovik, Music Supervisor/Music Producer, TNT (Russian Television)

  • Anna Kelberg Kim, Esq. Kelberg Law

  • Jen Schwartz, Director of Creative Music Integration, MTV Networks

  • Mark Vesprini, CEO,

  • David Steel, Sync Agent, Steel Synch

  • Wallace Collins, Esq., Entertainment Lawyer, Law Offices of Wallace Collins